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The Homestead Project

This is just the beginning...

"I'd love to farm...but how do I get started?"

This is the question that's become commonplace as rural areas lose talented, young, career-oriented people.  Our communities are looking for a new spark...a second settlement to reverse the trend of well-trained, hard-working individuals leaving for the big city.  

We have a passion for bringing back agricultural energy to our rural areas, and to provide an opportunity for young farmers who are unable to secure the land, capital, expertise, and administration to start their own farming business.  

As part of our sustainability initiative, we have directed our future growth toward a network of start-ups that will operate independently on a daily basis but will be tied to a distinct operating platform with pre-defined components.

It is our intent to create win-win relationships with franchisees, landowners, and our family business.  Prospective franchise owners will spend two crop seasons training at the Hultgren Farms headquarters, then, if they have proven they are capable of the dedication, discipline, and hard work required, they will move on to their own franchise operation.

Hultgren Farms secures the land, financing, insurance, FSA programs, equipment, and facility while administering input purchasing, agronomy plans, and crop marketing.  Franchisees receive a portion of their income from a per-acre base, and another portion on a per-unit produced basis.  

Cooperating landowners get the benefit of rental or purchase contracts backed by the strength of Hultgren Farms while offering the opportunity to foster new entrants into the farming industry.  This is a great way to bring young families back to your rural community or even rent/sell your building site and/or farmland when you decide to retire.

Our first location is set to open near Belgrade, Minnesota in 2020 and we are excited to hear from potential operators!    The future of Hultgren Homesteads starts NOW.

Learn More

Whether you're interested in applying for a franchise, or you're a farm owner that's looking to make a change and would like to be a part of this process, I welcome the chance to visit with you in person.   

Close or far away, let's see if there is an opportunity to work together!

Nate Hultgren, CEO


or visit us at our office:

11804 15th Ave SW

Raymond, MN 56282