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Careers and Short-Term Gigs

Office Manager/Product Line Developer


Does this sound like you?

  1. You like to multi-task
  2. You aren't ready to work 40 hours a week
  3. You want to work while the kids are at school so you need flexibility
  4. You enjoy the challenge of blazing a new path with unlimited growth potential
  5. You're an upbeat, friendly, people-person

You're in luck! We are hiring a special person to manage our new office environment.  You will coordinate between Hultgren Farms and Fieldstock Realty as well as develop our new line of farm-fresh beef products.  Here's your chance to let your creativity flow!

Email to find out more!

Seasonal Truck Drivers


Here's a great chance to make some extra cash and experience the rush of the harvest season!  If you are a careful, courteous driver and enjoy being behind the wheel of a big rig, we are now building our trucking team for 2019.  We have the following options:

  • Sugar beets (local, Monday-Saturday, 4am-4pm or 4pm-4am, October 1-25)
  • Kidney Beans (Monday-Saturday, night run to Menomonie, Wisconsin, CDL preferred, September 10-October 20)
  • Silage (local, Monday-Saturday 4am-4pm or 4pm-4am, September 9-21)
  • Grain (local, Monday-Saturday September 20-October 31, 10am-9pm)

Email to find out more!