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Custom Services

Specialty Crops Are Our Specialty

We'll produce your product the way you want it, when you want it, to your specifications.  If you have been contemplating adding a special food or feed product line, we are big enough to get it done on-time and on-budget, but small enough to pay attention to your unique needs.

Custom Services and Farm Management

We have the machinery and the know-how to grow crops, improve land, create wetland banks, and provide inputs to your facility.  When we help you set up a plan, it's not scribbled on the back of a notepad.  You get a professional-quality proposal, a detailed action plan, frequent and consistent communication, and organized and concise results reporting.  

Identity Preservation

Our professional staff can handle food-grade, isolated seed production, hormone-free meat...whatever you need, you'll find that we can GET IT DONE.  Whether it's collaboration on a greenfield project or tying into one of our existing crop or beef programs, we'll put together a plan for you.